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New 2009 Char-Broil RED Infrared Gas Grill?

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smokin soon:
Tommy, doubt that will ever happen but that is one cool idea! ;D

smokin soon:
CB, hate to tell you this, but my 2 Home Depot's out here have no clue whatsoever. They have marked down the banged up Red's on the floor at pretty good prices. There websight does not reflect any changes.

Thanks Smokin, I have to do something while I'm sitting around at work!   You never know I might have a good idea that they will use one of these days!  ::)

Hey CB, so why is it when you go to Char-Broil's website, look under the infrared grills, they show an exact copy of the 2008 3-burner Red listed with a new part number of 463250109? It's specs show that it's lighter than the '08 model and that it's going to be available at Home Depot. You have to scroll down on the grills on the left-hand side of the screen. Here's the link:

I really like the look and feel of the '08 model, and if they are going to sell a very similar one that is lighter and has a lifetime warranty on the burners, I'll take that one any day.



The reason I ask is I posted the following on a different forum and someone (not a Char-Broil rep or sysadmin) told me I was mistaken...

I still think there is some confusion about the 2009 models. The one in HD stores with the stainless steel lid is the new cheaper model they came out with. Just recently, Char-Broil changed their website to show that the "old" 2008 model is now being released as a "new" 2009 model. If you go their website:

and on the left scroll down to the bottom, you will see what appears to be the 2008 model, but when you click on it, you will see some differences. The model number has changed from 463250108 to 463250109. The grill weighs much less, so I think that they took some material out of it on the sides and back to make it lighter, changed the door handles a bit, but everything else looks the same. I've gone to 4-5 different HD stores and none of them have this new model. If I look at the fascia strip above their grills that show all the different grills they sell, the model number for this one shows the 463250109 number. So, it appears that HD is going to sell it eventually.

I talked to 2 different department managers at 2 different stores and they told me that they have to get rid of what's in stock, or down to the last one, before any more get ordered. So, this 2009 model may not be in stores for a while.

I really like the "2008" red-lid looking model, love the heavy porcelainlid, and want the 2009 version if it ever gets in the store, because not only do I like this model over their cheaper 2009 version (model 463250509), but the new version has a lifetime warranty on the burners, where the 2008 model only has 2 years. Big difference if I'm going to pay the same price for the grill.

I thought about getting the Heatwave model on Char-Broil's website. I talked to a knowledgable sales rep/tech a few weeks ago. He told me that the Heatwave was the same as the 2008 Red from HD. The only difference was the colors, because the red and black that you see on HD's 2008 model is specific to HD. He said that everything else on the grill is exactly the same. AND, right now you can get the Heatwave for 10% off and free shipping straight to your door! To get this offer, go to:

So, I still can't make a decision. My wife's been on my back for weeks to figure this out. We haven't been able to grill out because I cleaned up my old grill to get rid of in our yard sale. UGH!



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