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Steaks on the SRG
« on: 01/26/10 21:56:19 »
Surprisingly I think I'll end up using the SRG more as a grill than any other use. Getting ribeyes down pat.
1) 1 1/4 thick ribeye preheat 12 min; for medium cook 6 min each side with lid closed. For med-rare to rare ( my fav) sear 5 min each side with hood lifted. ( I reheated grate for 2 min with hood down between sides) ( it's cold tonite)


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Re: Steaks on the SRG
« Reply #1 on: 01/26/10 23:46:29 »
I  am with you LA, it is fine small grill for just my wife and I.  I am going to change out the grate to something better. 

Think about that a bit...the grate is designed that way on purpose - to both use the convection heat generated in the cooking chamber that is then discarded as hot air - and to capture and generate additional infrared. That's one of the reasons the steaks can sear as they do.  If it were only a matter of putting a round cast iron grate on top - (and that will worl, as you have shown, turning it into a conventional gas hot air grill and ot grates) - that would have been done.  But the design of the grate in the SRG is proven to cook hotter and with additional infrared.

just say'n.


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Re: Steaks on the SRG
« Reply #2 on: 01/27/10 20:21:21 »
L A, how many ribeyes can you cook at one time on the SRG?  From the pics I've seen, it looks like a small grilling area.
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Re: Steaks on the SRG
« Reply #3 on: 01/27/10 20:54:24 »
Without crowding 6 strips or 4 ribeyes. The cooking area is 15 in round,about 155 sq in