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GrillGrate Review
« on: 02/01/10 07:06:03 »
Here is my review of the GrillGrate system. Sorry the pictures are not included as I don't have them online to be able to link to them.

 One of the forum members asked if anyone had heard about this product and was it worth the money.  The GrillGrate kit is $49.99 on their website. I was intrigued by the claims that they made on their website.

 ďSimply lay GrillGrates on top of any existing grill, gas, charcoal or electric. GrillGrates are modular plates that interlock to cover all or part of your grill. GrillGrates are a new cooking surface that sears in juices while controlling flare-ups and removing unwanted fat. GrillGrates make it easy to cook lean meat, fish, grilled pizzas, vegetables, and pasta on your grill without worry of burning, drying out or charring. Put away the spray bottle and pick up the GrateToolô to lift, turn and serve succulent lean meat, fish, vegetables and crispy grilled pizza!Ē

 I contacted Brad at GrillGrate and asked him if he would be willing to send me one of the kits to evaluate and review for you. Brad informed me that wouldnít be a problem and that he would get a set sent right out to me.

 When my GrillGrate package arrived, I was set back some that there was only two plates in the box. In almost all of the pictures on the website and in the Use and Care Guidelines and Recipe Ideas pamphlet that was included in the box there are three plates and I only received two. More on this later.

 First things first, I read the directions on how these GrillGrates work. I looked through the Use and Care Guidelines and Recipe Ideas pamphlet. There was nothing in there at all about how to interlock the grill grate plates. It just told me to make sure they were interlocked and facing me. A trip down stairs and on to the computer, go to the website watch a couple of videos and Taa-Daa I now know how they fit together.  Back upstairs I go. I grab the two plates, hold them like an upside down V, put the ends together to snap them in place and they wonít fit together. Maybe I have them wrong? Switch the plates around and try it again, still a No-Go. A little closer inspection revealed that both of my plates were damaged on the ďMaleĒ side of the plate. Ok, maybe they wonít snap together like on the video, all is not lost. I will just stand them up and slide them together. After a couple of tries at this and a few choice words, I had scraped off enough Aluminum or moved it enough that they went together. A quick wash in the sink and I am ready to cook.

 Look in the Use and Care Guidelines and Recipe Ideas pamphlet for some recipes that might be good starters. Whatís this? There isnít any!! Only a reference to go to the website and ďfind Grate recipes for..Ē  I donít have time to go look for recipes on the website, I have four hungry kids that want something off the grill. Look in the refrigerator and there is a pork loin that I have marinating for another project. That will work, get it out and put it on the counter to wait for the grill to heat up.

 I sprayed the GrillGrates with nonstick cooking spray and placed them on my gas grill, which was preheating.  Since the Grates went from front to back I asked myself, ď I wonder if I need both the front and back burners on in the grill, to make sure the heat is evenly spread out?Ē I will look in the Use and Care Guidelines and Recipe Ideas pamphlet, nothing in there about that either.  I have now figured out that the Use and Care Guidelines and Recipe Ideas pamphlet is nothing more than an advertisement brochure.  I turned on both burners. When the cooking spray started turning a golden brown, I figured the GrillGrate was hot and it was time to get cooking. Grabbed the pork loin laid it on the GrillGrate, and Tssst boy howdy did it sizzle. Flipped and rotated the pork loin as needed. There was some pretty impressive grill lines on the pork loin to start with, but as the cook progressed the grill marks sort of went the way of the buffalo. They were still around but you donít see them.  End result of the pork loin test. A very moist pork loin with the juices seared in very well.

 My next test of the GrillGrate was on Christmas Eve.  I grilled a New York strip steak and four small Chuck steaks. This was a hot and fast cook since they were rather small steaks. I got some really nice grill marks on the steaks. Maybe I was too harsh on the GrillGrates during the first cook notes.

 The test!  New Years Eve four nice sized chicken breasts for the family and a nice ribeye steak for me.  Grill is all warmed up, take the chicken breasts out and put them on, they are sizzling away. Life is good!!  I flip the chicken breasts, nice sear marks on them.  Itís going to be a good night.  Go in to get my ribeye, bring it out to the grill. Whoa, wait a minute!! There isnít enough room to put my ribeye on the GrillGrate with the chicken breasts. I have flash backs to the videos on the website, and of the pictures in the Use and Care Guidelines and Recipe Ideas pamphlet. I now know why they all have three GrillGrate plates in them. Because two of them just arenít enough for the size of the meal that I am cooking, which really isnít that big of a meal or that far out of the norm, especially if you are throwing a couple of extra chicken breasts on for lunches. So the ribeye goes on the grill staring up at the chicken breasts on the GrillGrate, the fat drips down, causes a flair up that ignites some of the grease deposits on the bottom of the grill. I now have black smoke rolling out of my 700 degree inferno, oops I mean grill. Quick grab a glass of water to douse the flames. I am not a happy camper!! My dinner has black soot on it and doesnít look the best that it should. Good thing itís New Years Eve, my wife wonít ask why Iím having an extra shot in my mixer tonight! Why couldnít they have just sent me three grates like in the pictures??

 For some unknown reason my wife choose to have a lemon garlic pork loin for dinner, the night before her birthday, over  shrimp in a white wine cream sauce over cheese stuffed pasta. So I fired up the grill with  a slightly higher temperature  setting than I normally like to cook at. The temperature got up to 350* even in 2* weather.   The GrillGrate  performed perfectly this time with the pork loin. 

 Letís sum this review up. Does the product do what they advertise that it will do? In a nutshell, yes, it does do the things they advertise. I got great sear marks on the typical grill foods. When my food was on the plates, I didnít have any flare ups because of juices dripping down. The rails were very easy to clean and I didnít have any problems with meat sticking to them. The GrateTool performed perfectly when lifting and turning meat. The main drawback that I see, if you havenít figured it out yet, is there just isnít enough plates in the basic kit to do everything they advertise, although you can purchase additional plates for $19.99 each.  A family of 2 or 3 might get by with the basic kit but a larger family will not. I do not see just too many pizzaís getting the grill treatment on the basic kit.         

 ***Note*** I have been informed  by Brad Barrett, Owner of GrillGrates, that GrillGrates has redone the informational brochure that is shipped with the set. GrillGrates is also entertaining the idea of offering 3 and 4 plate sets for larger grills and familyís.

If you would like to get a set of Grill Grates for your self you can find them Here: GrillGrates  Tell them I sent you . Wont get you much, but I did send you! 


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Re: GrillGrate Review
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Tenpoint:  Is there anything to report different than you original evaluation of the GrillGrates?  I have an old TEC grill with infrared technology; I think they had the original patent?  The grill grates that came with the grill, even thought apparently made out of stainless, have deteriorated.  It would appear that the GrillGrates would be a perfect replacement.  You evaluation and opinion would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: GrillGrate Review
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 I would say go for it. I still use the GrillGrates on my gas grill. The major complaint I had was the quantity of plates that they sent. I am sure if you give Brad a call. He would be able to get you some custom cut for your grill. Like I said in the review they do accomplish the mission that they were designed to do. Here is a link to the review with pictures if that will help in your decision making, The review starts on page four.
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