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We hope you can find information here that is helpful to you.  The goal of this forum is to allow users of Char-Broil products to share ideas, tips, tricks, recipes and discuss their questions with one another.  Most likely you will find some useful information here.  If you don't see questions that represent your concerns or thoughts there is only one thing to do: Register and post your question.

If you know an answer to a question - or have a comment to make - please share your thoughts!

Throughout the Forums you'll find that many folks from around the country, North America and even the entire world log on and share their good nature humor, sensible advice and, in general, talk about grilling, smoking and barbequing food.

We expect everyone who uses this board to be well-mannered and respectful of one another.  The use of foul or graphic 'street' language is not tolerated.  If you use it - you will be banned from this forum.  If for some reason you find something objectionable or in poor taste - please report it as soon as possible.  We try to keep our eyes and ears open to every conversation thread - but sometimes we might miss something.  We want your experience to be enjoyable.

This forum is not a place to complain about product issues. While it is appropriate to share your questions about "how" a product works - or maybe "why" it's not working for you - if you have a complaint about the product, warranty or other issues pertaining to your specific cooker we encourage you to contact customer service to share your information. We can't help you here and will delete those posts.

If you are from a commercial entity and want to promote your products we encourage you to contact the administrator to discuss your product and to determine if it is an appropriate and compatible product for this forum. As a general rule we do not promote products or services on the forum that aren't Char-Broil....because this is the forum for Char-Broil products.

If you have ideas, suggestions or comments on how we can improve the forum and experience for everyone - please let us know!

Welcome to the Cookout! 
Barry 'CB' Martin
  Chief Grilling Officer
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