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« on: 10/09/10 14:34:08 »
can anyone help me with my igniter. i have changed the battery. it still won't work. i can light it with gas lighter then it works fine, the igniter will not
click or anything. any help will be appreciated


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Re: igniter
« Reply #1 on: 10/09/10 15:41:34 »
There is not too much you can do for it to repair if the module is broken. Make sure the button spring is not broken and makes contact with the battery. Check all the wires and make sure that they are not broken or loose. You can use a continuity tester to verify there is no shorted wire by testing each wire. If there is no clicking then usually that is a bad module. A replacement ignition system from char-broil is available at Home-Depot for around $30 dollars. You might be able to find one for cheaper on-line if you shop around.


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Re: igniter
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vtx - depending upon the age of your grill - is it still under warranty and did you register when you purchased (you'll need to find the receipt!)

I don't know specifics for any warranty information so recommend you check online or call the CSR folks - thye are the best place to go for that information.

For most grill makers the igniter is a problematic issue - I do know that.