Author Topic: Cooking chicken legs in the big easy  (Read 2224 times)


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Cooking chicken legs in the big easy
« on: 01/20/11 17:23:09 »
I've had my BE for over a year now and have enjoyed it everytime I use it.  I was wondering how long to cook marinated chicken leg pieces,.  I got the leg holders for Christmas and was wondering  thanks in advance for your answers


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Re: Cooking chicken legs in the big easy
« Reply #1 on: 01/20/11 18:37:18 »
larryw,  roughfully 30-45  minutes but I would watch them closely with a good thermometer the first time I did them.  Academy Sports sells a good remote for less than $30.  It's made by Accurite.  Good luck and let us know how they come out.  Dee
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