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The Big Easy and ham.
« on: 08/23/11 11:25:22 »
Hi, I'm a newbie to the Forums.
I've owned my Big Easy for about 3 years and only cooked turkey in it previous to the last three hams (smoked not sliced) in my BEZ. Just love the results. Everyone raved about the first attempt at my yearly family reunion (last two years I made Turkey) this past July.  The turkeys went like hotcakes and this year I didn't take home any leftovers.
Thanks for the info I was able to get off the forum on how to do a ham.
The last ham I had was over the weekend and was it great. I put it in small side up this time and let it go for 1hour 15 mins. then slathered a glaze of maple syrup and rasberry jelly heated to mix, let it cook 15 mins. more and it was actually running juice when it was carved. First time that has happened to me with a smoked ham. I've been cooking for 40 years.
Here's to good cooking. Looking forward to exploring what this machine can do now that I have the forum to consult with.



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Re: The Big Easy and ham.
« Reply #1 on: 08/23/11 11:43:24 »
Hi Mary, Welcome to the forum!
Your ham sounds wonderful!  We'd love to see pictures next time.  :)

Be sure to try some chicken wings in TBE - they're excellent!


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Re: The Big Easy and ham.
« Reply #2 on: 08/23/11 13:20:20 »
marybay,  Welcome to the asylum.  This is a nuthouse full of folks crazy about outdoor cooking. Most of our cooking is done on Char Broil products but there is much done on other types and brands. Congratulations on such successful cooks in your Big Easy. We here believe that there is more than one way to skin a cat. We are both students and teachers in that we are willing to learn from each other no matter what our experience level may be and we can also provide good information to others no matter how inexperience we may be. Please share both your good and your bad cooks with us because we learn from both of them.  Looking forward to learning from some of that 40 years of cooking experience.  By the way, where do you live?  Once again, welcome.  Dee
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