Author Topic: Quick and "Big Easy SRG" Turkey  (Read 1672 times)


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Quick and "Big Easy SRG" Turkey
« on: 11/23/11 10:47:28 »
Posting this for anyone out there who has bought the SRG at the last minute before Thanksgiving and want to cook a turkey NOW!

I'm not big on spending more than the minimum time in cook preparation. When I bought my SRG a month ago I did a 21 pound turkey as a rehearsal for T-day.

Here is a militaristic approach to getting a nice turkey on the table.

  • Get the Turkey
  • To skip all the time-consuming brining buy an "enhanced" turkey, it will mention this on the label, I leave my brining to the professionals.  ;D
  • If you can find a "fresh" turkey it will still need some thawing out but just a couple of hours in the sink covered with water should do it
  • If you buy frozen it can still be thawed overnight and cooked the next day by submerging in water overnight
  • The turkey in my cook was the frozen 58 cent a pound Riverside from Walmart (your wally-world is probably open all night)
  • The nasty part, unwrap the bird and run water into all the cavities to clean them out, there is all kinds of stuff packed into the inside of the bird that needs to be pried out depending on the brand. Mine had a plastic bag of gravy mix, and the chopped off neck inside. the body and a bag of giblets (guts) inside the neck cavity.
  • After cleaning up the bird you need to dry it out with a lot of paper towels, it will be hard to get dry but do what you can.
  • * Spray or a LIGHT coat of oil on all the skin, whatever you have, like PAM, Wesson, or olive oil.
  • * If you have any kosher or sea salt rub some into all the skin, even table salt if that's all you've got handy.
  • * If you have a seasoning rub some in, if not just skip it.
  • * If your turkey came with some wire hooks around the leg tips you can use them to keep the legs closer together for less burning on the tips.
  • Follow the instructions with your SRG for standing the turkey in the basket.
  • Fire up the SRG on high and put in the basket with the turkey and close the lid.
  • The turkey will take "about" 10 minutes a pound, figure that out and check the turkey after 1/3 of that time, if it's nice and browned then leave the lid open the rest of the way. Don't panic it won't get a whole lot darker with the lid up. If it's black and burned looking you probably used a rub with sugar in it, it's going to look bad but still taste good.
  • Use a meat thermometer in the deepest part of the breast to check the temperature, remove when the temp is 165+ and the time is pretty close to 10 minutes a pound.
  • let it sit in the basket (over a drip pan) for at least 30 minutes before removing and carving.
* Steps that can be skipped if you have to.

That's pretty much the least you can do to cook a turkey in the Big Easy Smoker Roaster Grill machine. Hope that helps some newbie get a bird on the Thanksgiving table.

If any of the real cooks want to make corrections please do, don't want to screw anyone up.


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Re: Quick and "Big Easy SRG" Turkey
« Reply #1 on: 11/23/11 11:20:25 »
That's a well written post that anyone should be able to follow.  Thanks.