Author Topic: CB600X Vertical Propane Smoker temp control  (Read 10490 times)


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CB600X Vertical Propane Smoker temp control
« on: 07/14/09 17:14:46 »
Relatively new using smoker.  I fill the water pan up, put wood chips in the center container, turn the temp control to HI, and watch as my internal temp peaks at 180F.  Not nearly the 200F-225F needed to be done by the preappointed time.  I've tried removing the water pan entirely; temp will range from 260F on LO to 330F on HI...both of which are also unacceptable.  Manual says to use 4 qts of water.  Since I fill the pan up, it's possible the capacity of the water pan is >4 qts.  Regardless, the water has boiled/evaporated away within about 30 mins.  As soon as I see the temp increasing (to 200F+) on the door gauge, I know to add more water.  It's possible I'm putting too much water in the pan at each fill-up.  I'd appreciate learning what I'm doing wrong so we can start enjoying instead of laboring.


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Re: CB600X Vertical Propane Smoker temp control
« Reply #1 on: 07/14/09 17:47:50 »

For those of you who aren't familiar with this smoker, the above is a picture of it.

To your question - I'll start off by paraphrasing some advice I got on the forum from a couple of the fellas on here who are far more experienced than I am - they recommend using playground sand rather than water!

It seems the physics of the sand acts much better than the water - it actually is there to moderate the heat, pretty much serving as a radiator, not a humidifier - while the smoke from the wood chips or chunks is there to flavor.

I'd recommend trying this plan...I know I'm going to do that with my new Outdoor Kitchen & Stovetop Smoker.

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Re: CB600X Vertical Propane Smoker temp control
« Reply #2 on: 07/14/09 19:36:06 »
I have this same smoker when it was made under the Smokey Mountain brand.  Something is wrong with your set up and it appears that the temperature is much higher than you think.  I fill my water pan almost completely full, and it will not boil away after an overnight smoke with a pork butt.  I start the butt at 9-10 pm and check it in the morning and add any additional liquid that is needed.  My total smoke time is usually 16-17 hours with only one refill.  When my temperature knob is set between medium and low, my temperature guage usually reads from 200 to 230 degrees.  I also use various liquids such as a mix with apple juice.  Sounds like you need to call for help with the 800# if you do not visually see a problem.
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Re: CB600X Vertical Propane Smoker temp control
« Reply #3 on: 02/12/10 15:55:07 »
I have this smoker and love it, the playground sand idea instead of water sounds interesting as I also run out of water after 30-40 minutes. I don't see many posts on this piece of equipment and wish I could read more about it and past postings.
Please take me down memory lane and tell me about the sand idea, tips n tricks. My prob is getting to optimum smoking heat and not watering the smoker all the time. 150 on the door thermometer is at best after a 4 hr smoke.
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Re: CB600X Vertical Propane Smoker temp control
« Reply #4 on: 02/12/10 16:26:47 »
do you have a remote thermometer? We need to know what the temp is on the grate. Put the probe centered on a grate with a empty water pan & record the temp on Low - Med -& High. Is your cooking temp 150F ?


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Re: CB600X Vertical Propane Smoker temp control
« Reply #5 on: 05/31/10 18:22:26 »
I just bought this smoker. It is my second veritcal propane smoker after years of charcoal smokers. I was impressed with its sturdy build but should have looke d further. Like other commenters, I cant get more than 30 minutes of cook time without running dry. The pan is just too shallow. It doesnt hold enough water even if your lucky enough to have a completely level cooking platform. I also dont like that the chip pan is exposed to the dripping fat from what ever I'm smoking. The fat (in this case chicken) just burns up on the coals and leaves the food tasking burned. Also had trouble adding water without sloshing water and fat into the chips. Seems very well built but poorly designed to me.


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Re: CB600X Vertical Propane Smoker temp control
« Reply #6 on: 05/31/10 18:32:43 »
Scott --- have you tried using (as others suggest) playground sand as the heat sink rather than water?


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Re: CB600X Vertical Propane Smoker temp control
« Reply #7 on: 06/09/10 10:08:09 »
I also have this same smoker and have had mixed results and less than satisfactory performance. I have owned this unit for about 3 weeks, and have used it 4 times to cook ribs. I have had different results each time. The first time the burner worked well, but the food was overdone from being cooked at a higher heat. The second cook I added 3 oven thermometers, one on each shelf to monitor the temperatures. The temperatures for the second smoke were consistent between the oven thermometers, but between 50-70 degrees warmer than the thermometer in the door. Adding water every hour was also a hassle and the resulting inconsistent temperatures from low water or running out of water were unacceptable. For the third smoke I added sand to the water pan, only the outer water pan, and not the smoker chip area - foil under and over to keep the sand clean.  The temperature control was good, but the smoke was too heavy - dense white smoke - with the top vents completely open. I assume the sand caused the temperature of the waterpan/chip box to increase and burn hotter. For the fourth smoke I filled the smoker box area - center area of water pan - with sand and placed the wood chips in a foil pan on top of the sand, this worked well for temp control and smoke control.

Durring part of the third smoke, and for the entire fourth smoke I had soot issues that I have now attributed to the burner. I am consistently getting yellow fire and not the blue flames that I was getting for the first two smokes. I have torn the entire lower unit apart, checked the venturi tube and burner and still no improvement. I have made sure the unit was off when connecting the reg to the tank, with no results. I will be contacting the store that I purchased this unit from to discuss return and credit for this product. The unit is sturdy, a big plus for me; but obviously never used to smoke food during the design/R&D period - for some reasons not listed.


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Re: CB600X Vertical Propane Smoker temp control
« Reply #8 on: 06/09/10 21:28:22 »
I dont have this particular smoker but I do have one that is very similar made by "MasterForge".  My smoker tends to hold at about 225 degress with no problem for overnight smokes.  My water pan (or as I use it - beer pan) usually holds the liquid a few hours before evaporating.  My suggestion is to use a thermometer you can put on the grates next to the meat, that way you can be sure of what the temp. of the smoker is.  The built in door thermometers are often wrong.  Also double check the meat temperature with an instant read thermometer just to make sure your remote is correct, your meat may have a higher internal than you think.  Also as the other guys said, a pork butt or briskett may take 16 to 17 hours to cook, in the mean time you will hit a plateau, where your butt will hit a certain temp. then flat line for up to several hours.  I find this usually happens at about 167 degrees or so, then start to climb again, yours may vary.  The temp can also actually go down for a bit before rising again.  There are several posts in this forum about this from some very experienced cooks, and they explain the science behind the plateau phenomenon.  My point is, everything may be working just right, just may need time and patience.  Another suggestion is that in you smoker the water pan may sit too close to the heat, try moving it higher up (if yours has several rack positions like mine does.)   this may help the liquid last longer.  My pan sits about 2 feet or so up from the heat source. I have the burner, then the wood chip pan right above it, then a space, then the water pan.
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