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They shipped to Macon...didn't they?

Barry, Macon is in the Heart Of Dixie (well according to my car's license tag the real Heart Of Dixie is Alabama, but Jawja is next door) which is in the real heart of the US of A which means is it is the real hearf of the universe.


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Ken,  A girl I dated years ago said she was the center of the universe because everything was equal distance from where ever she was.  Dee
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Delivery to my house is nuthin' to CharBroil...I'm only 90 miles away from HQ.
Come to see us in Middle GA --
CB, Dee, Tommy, L A, and now IR2Dum
have been here.
Less than 5 miles off I-75.
We'll be glad you did!


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Hey Barry, thanks for the info - I've been to the Facebook page, but I can't enter the comp 'cause I don't live in the U.S.A.  I wonder, though, why there's a drop down list of countries to pick from on the entry form if they're totally irrelevant 'cause you can't enter if you live in any of them!!
Oh well, I thought it was too good to be true .. .back to my nearly rusted out Indian jobbie for this weekend's burn-up!


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Really bummed now - I can't enter the contest 'cause I live in Spain, but CB tell me that if I enter, I'll get a 25% discount coupon.  Two problems there - I can't find anyone in Spain selling their products so can't buy on and I can't enter the comp anyway 'cause I live in Spain -the entry form told me so!

I so lurve running around in  circles - could anyuone put me on a straight course here.......

Ho hum ............... :'( :'( :'(


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I apologize for tempting you - clearly I had not read the rules and would not have suggested you enter had I been aware!  dang!


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No apologies neccessary Barry- it was good of you to think of me in the first `place.

Story of my llife, though - it I had been one of triplets and my mother was Marilyn Munro, I'd have been the kid in the middle at feeding time!!   ;D

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I apologize for the misinformation about still receiving the 25% off coupon. I didn't realize it wouldn't even let you enter if you live outside the US until I tried to enter as if I was from China. I tell you what though, I can post the code in the members only area if you guys would like to run along side the one folks will receive who are able to enter.

There is however, already a code in the members only area that gives you 25% off everything except for parts that is good all year long. The code I will be distributing to entrants is only good for 1 week, but it IS on EVERYTHING including parts. Whadda ya think?
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