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Leg of Lamb
« on: 05/11/13 19:28:15 »
Well I tried a leg of lamb today. My wife put the herbs on it and I cooked it. Put apple wood in the smoker. Pre-heated to get the smoke going then turned to low-ish.

Here is the result with the herb encrusted lamb:

Here it is without the burnt crust :)

It was very tasty and very tender - we wanted it done so we left it in until 170 -175 degs. It was tender enough to chop it like pork.

And lucky I had read some of the topics on the forum where they had bought another propane tank. I ran out with the first one and had to finish with the second.
We think we may trade in both for the big one at Lowes......

If I am ambitious tomorrow, I will make home made pizza dough and cook a pizza in it.  :)


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Re: Leg of Lamb
« Reply #1 on: 05/11/13 20:24:05 »
Looks great.  Love leg of lamb, but really the only one in this household!   A battle royal every Easter to do one--win some, lose some!  LOL   Hard to find a decent one around these here parts, except at Easter.   And this country, at one time, was the wool growing capital of the world.    Was even hard to find lamb back then.   
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Re: Leg of Lamb
« Reply #2 on: 05/11/13 22:14:21 »
Looks great! Those herbs will burn in the Big Easy as you can see.